I am a wife and mum living in New Zealand posting family favourite recipes and newly discovered Kiwi ones. Just sharing good stuff I've learned and collected over time. 

Cheers and kia ora! 
(Maori for "be well" or "be healthy".)  



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Kia ora and welcome to my kitchen. My food exploration journey began in 2005 but still sometimes seems like yesterday. I moved overseas from Vancouver (not B.C.), Washington (not D.C.) as a solo mum working full-time and trying to come up with healthy options that I knew I could afford, that my child would eat, and that I could enjoy as well.

Well, now we live in beautiful Aotearoa, I am married to a wonderful man and, my daughter is already 10 years old.  We have access to some of the nicest meat and produce in the world - FRESH!  Overall, New Zealand lacks the convenience-based grocery super-mart, super-sized culinary options that we were used to in the States.  Instead, our frozen packages, tin cans, and boxed instant meals are replaced with a plethora of nature's bounty.

Now the challenge...what to do with all of this fresh stuff?!  Sounds great, but how do you cook a kumara or a kamo kamo (a.k.a. kumi kumi)???  Do people really eat pumpkins, and why are they white/greyish and not orange???

Well, come with me and learn how Kiwis fix their tucker, and ENJOY!  This is where I post my family's favourite recipes (Kiwi, American and everything in between).

Your comments, questions and/or suggestions are most welcome, so please feel free to leave your mark or contact me.

So let's get cooking!